What Items are Prohibited from Storage?

* Hazardous Materials – including but not limited to hazardous or toxic chemicals, gas, liquid, solid, substance, material or waste.

* Food or Perishable goods – including but not limited to animal feed, bird seed.

* Flammable Materials – including but not limited to oily rags, gasoline.

* Explosives, Ammunition.

* Animal or Human Habitation.

* Stolen or Unlawful Items.

* Refrigerators, freezers or heaters that require electrical connection. We only provide electricity for the unit light.

* Activities such as spray painting or sanding.

What do I need to rent a Storage Unit?
* Valid Drivers License

* First Month Rent

* Lock

How do I pack my Storage Unit?
* Cover furniture with drop clothes or sheeting whenever possible.

* Defrost refrigerators and leave the door open.

* Seal boxes with masking tape.

* Wrap mattress or box springs with plastic covers, drop clothes, etc.

* Used boxes, plastic bags, or clothing bags for storing clothes.

* Please turn our light when you leave your unit.

How do I know what size of Storage Unit I need?
* Consult our Size Guide Section of this website or call our Property Manager.